Adam Jones Says Robert Fripp And Eddie Van Halen Are In The Same Caliber

Tool guitarist Adam Jones recently joined an interview with Revolver Magazine and mentioned that Robert Fripp and Eddie Van Halen‘s success are of the same caliber.

Lateralus‘ is the third studio album of Tool, released in 2001. The album reached number one on the Billboard 200 when it first came out. It gained a global success to the band by selling more than 500.000 copies immediately after its release.

The band started to make its name more popular with the album’s success. Their influence on the rock scene began to increase during that period. Later on, the band had a chance to be the opening act for King Crimson on the band’s summer tour.

Adam Jones recalled the tour with King Crimson in a recent interview. He expressed his love for the band and stated that Robert Fripp was as successful as Eddie Van Halen with his excellent guitar skills. According to the rocker, both important names were of the same ‘caliber.’ As Jones stated, it was an honor for him to share the same stage with King Crimson, the band he was listening to as a kid.

About touring with King Crimson, Jones said:

“That was amazing. I remember it all. I love King Crimson. Robert Fripp is as much a hero to me as Eddie Van Halen, and I think they’re in the same caliber. Robert Fripp is a virtuoso and is beyond his time. To share a stage with them and have them open for us. Oh, my God.

We worked out this thing where their set kind of flowed into our set, and Robert and I did a soundscape at the end of one of our tunes. Just think of 12-year-old me or 14-year-old me listening to King Crimson’s ‘Cat Food’ or something.”

Eddie Van Halen and Robert Fripp greatly influenced the rock scene with their unique guitar styles. While many would choose Van Halen over Fripp, Adam Jones thinks they are both on the same page delivering their guitar sounds. Hence, Robert Fripp became as inspiring as Eddie Van Halen for Adam Jones.