Adam Jones Reveals Tool Was Ostracized By Bigger Bands

Tool recently appeared on the cover of Pollstar’s latest issue and shared the details about its upcoming US tour for it. In this context, guitarist Adam Jones reflected on the band’s negative experiences of being marginalized during their early days by saying:

“When we started out when we were opening for bands, and we got treated badly, we could see how the kind of inner dynamics of the ‘Game of Thrones’ behind-the-scenes happens. We kind of learned how not to do it.”

Referring to the group’s longtime crew members, he went on:

“Everyone wants to do their best job, and if you want to be a hero, you hang out with heroes. That’s how it works. We have incredible people working for us. Our backline crew, the lasers, the lights, the video, the sound, the people that show up and take it down. We work with all the same people pretty much and got a nice little family.”

Some of Tool’s old-time promoters also joined the Pollstar interview, as they will work with the band again for its upcoming shows. So, AEG Presents’ Brent Fedrizzi supported Jones’ words by sharing their relationship:

“The greatest thing about Tool is they’re very loyal to their fans, they’re loyal to themselves, and they’re loyal to promoters, and we’ve got a fabulous relationship.”

Following that, he explained the ongoing demand for Tool shows and added:

“They do it with class, and people continue to come back, and they sell out every show, and it’s always a great experience. They’ve been at it a while, but they’re going to keep going, and the demand has not waned at all. If anything, it’s bigger than it’s ever been.”

The 2023 US tour will kick off in Louisville, Kentucky, in September. You can read more about it here in the band’s recent interview.