Ace Frehley Mocks KISS For Using Backing Tracks

During a recent concert at the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, Illinois, with his solo band, Ace Frehley shared that he pities the new generation of rock stars while also suggesting KISS was using ‘backing tracks.’

After performing ‘Love Gun’ live, Ace addressed the audience and praised his solo band by taking a jab at KISS, mocking their alleged use of backing tracks, and saying:

“I think Scotty [Coogan] sings better than the tapes KISS uses.”

Then, the guitarist also commented on another song, ‘Parasite,’ from their performance, saying:

“That’s actually about a groupie from the ’70s.”

He also reflected on the transformation of groupie culture, he continued:

“There aren’t that many groupies out there anymore; what’s that all about? I mean, I don’t care. I’m engaged. I feel sorry for yous 25, 30-year-old rock stars who are going; where are all the groupies that used to be around in the ’70s?”

Then, a fan responded to him, shouting:


Frehley said afterward:

“Yeah, I remember when AIDS kicked in in the ’80s, it really didn’t help the situation.”

The guitarist also recently made the headlines when Gene Simmons revealed that he and Peter Criss turned down his offer to join KISS’ final shows in December. However, despite their rejection, the bassist still expressed his willingness to reunite with the two former members.

You can watch the concert below.