Ace Frehley: ‘Jimmy Page Is Sloppy’

Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley thinks Jimmy Page is a sloppy guitarist.

In a new interview with Jeremy White, the rocker revealed he lost millions of dollars after one particular incident. He explained:

“I lost millions and millions of dollars over the years after Tommy [Thayer] took over, but they just gave me the drive to make a better band, make better music. I don’t understand why they never put out a record after 20 years.”

Following the interview, the rocker went on to compare his and Tommy Thayer’s guitar-playing skills. Calling himself a sloppy guitarist, Frehley named another ‘sloppy’ guitarist — Jimmy Page. He said:

“I was talking to an interviewer the other day, he’s going, ‘I listened to ‘Sonic Boom,’ I mean ‘Monster.” He goes, it’s Tommy Thayer trying to sound like me, which is kind of ridiculous because actually, Tommy’s not a bad guitar player. Technically he may even be a better guitar player than me. See, I’m sloppy. I’ll be the first one to admit it, and people have said it in comments. I’m sloppy, but I have a way about the way I play. I mean, Jimmy Page is sloppy.”

Frehley Thinks Thayer Can’t Duplicate Him

Leaving the band in 2002, Frehley was eventually replaced with Thayer, and the rocker remained a member of the band until the end of their career in late 2023. Despite having a longer career with Kiss than Frehley, the former Kiss rocker thinks that he has a talent that no one, even Thayer, can’t duplicate.

Frehley praised his own unique playing style while gloating that Thayer’s gig with Kiss had come to an end with the farewell shows in an earlier interview:

“I’ve never had a guitar lesson. I was born with a certain technique that many people, namely Tommy Thayer, can’t duplicate. And with Tommy, yeah… that’s over now. It’s back to the breadline for him!”

Despite the harsh-sounding comment, Frehley does not hold any animosity towards Thayer, along with Stanley and Simmons, who are known to have public feuds with Frehley.

You can watch the interview below.