‘AC/DC Was Not Metal,’ Rich Robinson Explains

The Black Crowes’ Rich Robinson recently told Total Guitar that people were wrong to think AC/DC was heavy metal.

The interviewer said a track named ‘Rats and Clowns’ from the band’s latest album had a similar tone to AC/DC’s late member Malcolm Young. Robinson seemed happy with the comparison as he replied:

“It’s my homage to Malcolm, man! I’ve never not loved AC/DC. That’s exactly where that chugging you mentioned comes from. Anyone who thought that AC/DC were heavy metal was wrong – that’s the best Chuck Berry-style rock ‘n’ roll you’ll ever get. Funnily enough, we did the Monsters of Rock tour with them in 1991.”

AC/DC Loved The Black Crowes

He explained how that tour with AC/DC went:

“They loved us because they felt we were a proper rock ‘n’ roll band, which meant a lot. Also, we were brothers, just like Malcolm and Angus. I remember we played one headline show on a night off, and they came down to see us, which was so cool.”

Angus And Malcolm Young Inspired Robinson

In a previous chat with Guitar World, Rich named AC/DC’s Angus and Malcolm Young as musicians who shaped his sound. He stated:

“When Angus and Malcolm would play together, they sounded so powerful but not overdriven. They’re like the quintessential sound of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s just straight-ahead, organic playing, and so warm-sounding. Angus’s leads were loud but never felt harsh or overprocessed, and Malcolm’s rhythms were like no other. So, they’ve always influenced me, and the interplay between Malcolm and Angus is nothing short of a gift. There’s no other way to describe it other than a gift. Those two made up one of the most unbelievable duos in rock history.”

The Black Crowes are back with a new album after their 2019 reunion. The band’s ninth studio record, ‘Happiness Bastards,’ arrived on March 15, 2024. They are currently on the road for their North American tour to promote the album. In May, the band will head to Europe for more shows and festival dates.