Aaron Lewis On Recording A Staind Song All By Himself

In an intriguing revelation, Staind‘s frontman, Aaron Lewis, recently shared insights on the making of a song from the band’s repertoire on Twitter. In an unusual departure from their collaborative approach, Lewis recounted his individual effort in recreating their track, ‘Epiphany.’

The revelations, shared via the band’s official account, were part of their ‘Deep Track Tuesday’ series, where members discuss the backstories of their songs. Lewis, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the band, surprised fans by revealing that he was the sole architect of the reimagined ‘Epiphany.’

According to the vocalist, the creative process was sparked by a sudden flash of inspiration that led him to envisage the complete song. Not only did he envision the song, but he was also determined to translate it into reality precisely as he heard it in his mind.

The musician explained that he took on multiple roles during the creation of the song. He wasn’t just the voice behind the microphone but also the brains behind the programming of the drums. Additionally, he played the guitar and bass while also handling the keyboard work for the string section of the chorus.

The singer’s words on ‘Epiphany’:

“I had heard the whole song in my head and just had to keep doing things until it was complete. I did everything on that song. I programmed the drums, I did the keyboards for the strings of the chorus, played the guitar, played the bass, and did the vocals.”

From programming and playing various instruments to providing the vocals, Lewis left no stone unturned to ensure that ‘Epiphany’ mirrored the version he had conceived in his mind. Let’s see what fun fact awaits us next week.