3 Doors Down’s Brad Arnold Is Grateful He Dind’t End Up Like Todd Harrell

It’s hard to pick yourself up from the ground when you’re dragged down by the people closest to you. 3 Doors Down has had tragic occurrences with band members, and the current lineup is grateful that they didn’t end up like them. Brad Arnold recently said that he is thankful that he’s made it this far and didn’t end up like Todd Harrell.

Todd Harrell was prescribed a lot of pain medication by his doctor, which he eventually became addicted to. In 2013, he was driving under the influence of these medications and speeding his car. Unfortunately, this action resulted in an accident where the bassist caused the death of a 47-year-old man. The court was angry at his doctor for prescribing so much pain medication to him.

He was sent to a correctional facility where he smuggled drugs inside, and his lawyers came up with a case that he needed to go to rehab before he could serve more sentences, which was accepted. In 2015, he was sentenced to two years in jail and six years of probation. However, the bassist continued with his driving under the influence actions, and in 2014, he was fired from the band.

This was the story that Brad Arnold thought could have been him in time, but thankfully, he went in the right direction. Being so close to such incidents worked as an inspiration for him not to end up like Todd Harrell, and he is grateful for this every single day.

He said:

“We’ve had bad stuff happen in our band, and either one of those bad situations that happened to those other guys could have been me. Maybe not as much Matt, but that with Todd could have definitely been me. It’s by the grace of God that it’s not, and I’m thankful for that grace. I’m thankful to be here, I’m thankful to be healthy and still be able to go out and play. We don’t approach it like that. We’re all out together, and we’re a team when we’re out there, and we just have fun now.”

Todd Harrell is in jail for the second time, and his trials are continuing. Unfortunately, this is not the only tragedy the band experienced. One of their founding members, Matt Roberts, was also addicted to substances, and he left the band in 2013 to focus on his health. Three years later, the former guitarist passed away from a prescribed drug overdose.